1. Rates:

Option 1. Individual lessons: $40 per 30 mins.  

Option 2. Group lessons: $25 per 30 mins. (Minimum of 2, and a maximum of 4 students).

Lessons must be paid for in full, prior to lessons commencing.

2. Payment methods: Cash or bank transfer. 

3. Duration: Lessons are charged by the school term (usually 10 weeks). 30 min lesson, once a week.
If you sign up after the term has already started you don’t get charged for the full term (just what’s left of it).

4. Lessons outside of term (school holidays)
They are only available if booked in advance as I travel a lot. 

5. Attendance.
Lessons are charged by the term, not on attendance.
It's expected that students attend all lessons.
If there are 3 no shows without saying anything, and you lose your time permanently.  
There are no refunds for canceling a lesson, or missing lessons.

6. Catch up lessons. 
2 catch up lessons allowed per term and must be used within the term. 24 hours notice must be given, otherwise, a catch up is not guaranteed. I'll still try, but I have a busy schedule and it gets filled quickly. 

7. Referral Policy.
Refer a friend, and I'll give you both a free lesson.  

8. Agreeing with policies.
Lessons cannot commence until policies have been agreed to, in writing (text or email).

Thanks for reading. Have a good one!
-Ash Smeal