Ashley is an exceptional guitar teacher and musician. His lessons were always very professional, individualised and helpful. He helped me develop as a guitarist, but also taught me to successfully apply these new skills and knowledge to my work as a teacher with children. His complete commitment to his students is admirable; he even volunteered to play at my wedding!

-Sarah Williams
Great lessons. Knows what he is on about. Best guitar teacher ever. Learnt a lot since joining. Wouldn't want anyone else teaching me.
-Kyle Fardell. 
Ash Smeal has been teaching my 8 year old son guitar for approximately 1 year. Ash's lessons are tailored to his student's interests. He is always very reliable and organised. My son enjoys his guitar lessons and is highly motivated to practice because he is interested in what he is learning.   We would definitely recommend Ash to anyone wanting to learn guitar.

- Sue Dean. 

My 15 yo son has improved significantly since changing to Ash. He has been playing guitar for 7 years and developed to a new level of interest and is   motivated to practice again since changing to Ash. We have always found him professional and motivating which transfers across to our son when we pick him up. Ash takes his lessons seriously and is conscious of what needs to be taught on a theoretical level and also a FUN level.

-Andrew Saunders
I'm very grateful for the guitar lessons Ashley Smeal has given me.
I think that Ashley Smeal is a great teacher of guitar because:
He is kind, patient and encouraging He is professional, competent, skilled, and knowledgeable.
He is appropriate in language and actions
He teaches at the level you need to learn
He is always prepared for lessons
He is generous with his time His own guitar playing is inspirational.

-Milly Walker
Ash Smeal has taught our 14 yr old son guitar and bass for the last 4 years with very pleasing results. Ash has developed a great rapport with our son who always enjoys his lessons. Ash does a great job tailoring his teaching to suit our son’s interest and musical ability. Ash has always been reliable, professional and makes very good use of up to date techniques and technology aids. I highly recommend Ash Smeal guitar tuition.

-Geoff Pierce.
I have been playing guitar for about 6 years. Ever since going to lessons with Ash, (which has been about two years now) they have improved my guitar   playing a lot! Theory wise and practically as well. Highly recommended teacher! Has taught me so much, I now teach guitar also because of lessons with Ash.

-Ben Sims

My child has been learning to play guitar with Ash Smeal for the last 3 or so years. We've found Ash to be patient and encouraging during this time and   always considerate in his teaching especially as his student has a hearing impairment. My child is always eager to attend the lesson with Ash and has grown leaps and bounds in the playing of the guitar since starting with Ash. I recommend Ash to any parents in Orange or surrounds who are considering placement of their child in guitar lessons and his fees are very competitive. I want to say a big thanks to Ash Smeal for his dedication to teaching my child and flexibility in also juggling our family commitments when other commitments arise. We look forward to placing our other child in your tuition when at the right age. Thanks Ash.

-Sandra Katbay
I find Ash Smeals' teaching style to be easy to understand. Not boring repetitive teaching that comes straight from a book. The kids get to choose what songs they would like to learn. I see improvement every week. I'd recommend Ash.  

-Sherie Coppock.
One from a local paper (Orange, NSW, 2013.)